Jeffrey T. Patterson (Jeff)  

Owner, Founder of Herd 2 Human/Master Instructor

Jeff has been a horseman since childhood. Like many horsemen, Jeff was taught ways of handling horses that were far from beneficial to him or the horse that bordered on abusive. As Jeff recognized and accepted responsibility for his poor approach to horsemanship and started listening to the horse, he discovered a means of communicating with the horse that changed his world.  As a result, Jeff developed and teaches a methodology entitled Herd 2 Human, proven to be an affective aid in trauma therapy and building personal relationships. Utilizing this systematic approach to thought, technique, and timing, Herd 2 Human creates a safe place for the horse, provides the human with a sense of value and purpose, while developing new emotional pathways from places of fear to inner peace and confidence.

Since 1981 Jeff’s work as a private investigator has been digging deep into the intimate lives of others … gathering facts and examining the personalities, habits, and emotional states of those involved in trauma, dispute, and broken relationships. In addition, to the countless hours on the street observing sub-rosa human behavior, Jeff has examined hundreds of clients, family members, and witnesses, listening and documenting their personal stories of abuse, betrayal, mistrust, and violent acts such as rape, suicide, and homicide. On many occasions, Jeff used horses to assist him in overcoming seemingly impassable roadblocks with witnesses who were unable or unwilling to express themselves due to trauma. The combination of years of investigation with a lifetime of horsemanship has been a unique and invaluable education in trauma and the domino effect it has on everyone involved.

Darlene C. Patterson
 Co-Owner, Co-Founder of Herd 2 Human/Master Instructor

 Darlene has been at Jeff’s side since they married in 1976 and has assisted in developing Herd 2 Human from its conception.  Darlene is an accomplished rider and loves to instruct. Her thousands of miles of endurance conditioning and competitions afford her an exceptional ability to help others with balanced, efficient riding techniques, athletic conditioning of the horse, and relationship building skills. She has ridden over 20,000 miles in conditioning and over 4,000 miles in competition with the American Endurance Riders Conference and competitive trail riding associations, in addition to managing (with Jeff) 3 well-attended competitions. Darlene has skills in business to include, but not limited to, accounting, payroll, accounts payables, and receivables with a family construction company. Darlene is a Reiki Master, trained in the Mikao Usui method.